Monday, July 23, 2012

Ellie's Second Birthday

Hey everyone! Last weekend was my niece's second birthday, so we partied in grand style. She's obsessed with Hello Kitty (thanks to one Auntie Lee - AKA Lisa), so my sister decided she should have a Hello Kitty birthday party.

We had the celebration at my grandparents' house and it was quite a hit.  Here are a few highlights

The Birthday Girl and her balloons

My mom made this Hello Kitty and Balloon Wreath, inspired by an pin on Pinterest.

The centerpieces were filled with colorful candy and held a color "2" candle inside.

The unfinished table.  The glass hurricanes were filled with rafia and my sister made the lollypop arrangement in the center.  Super cute!  Lisa made the collage on the left hand side.  Everyone loved it!

The Hello Kitty cake was actually purchased at Albertsons as were the cupcakes, we just added the Kitty decor to them.

Party table, all ready to go. 

The sweet guest of honor and her proud mommy.

Lisa made these amazing place cards for everyone.  I went back and added the names, using Ellie's name for each person.  For example, I was Auntie Dee, Parrish was Mommy and Ellie was Eddie Harter, because that's how she pronounces "Ellie Horton".  She's a mess!

The gift aftermath.  Is it obvious she's the only grand and great grandchild in the family?

Thanks so much for reading.  I'm sure you'll be seeing these photos in a layout very soon!


  1. so cute~loving the wreath. So clever and bright for the kids. Super job!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous wreath! It's amazing the cool things you can find on Pinterest!

  3. I love that wreath, and her party looked fabulous! She is a cutie!

  4. LOVE that wreath! Everything is super cute! Especially HER!!!

  5. Such a pretty wreath and great theme for your party! Looking forward to seeing your pics on a layout! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  6. What awesome party decor!!! So much fun.

  7. Awww she is such a cutie.
    What a grand birthday for this little one, love all the decorations, very fun.
    That wreath is awesome :)

  8. She is gorgeous and that cake is fabulous! Love Penny

  9. What a cute birthday party! The wreath is especially cute! My daughter is the same, the only one of her generation, and her present haul at Christmas expecially was embarrassing!

  10. what a fun party! love all the photos!! you did an awesome job

    thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and taking the time to write such a kind comment - i would be honored if you stopped by again sometime or even signed up to follow and i will do the same! thanks mp

  11. What a gorgeous party! She looks absolutely thrilled. I love that wreath the most.

  12. How sweet and girlie! Love the Hello Kitty Theme. These should be fun photos to scrapbook! Thanks for stopping by my blog.