Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello Again!

Well, hey kids!  It's been quite sometime since I've posted, I know.  I think I've just decided to hide myself away a bit from all the blogging madness.  It's a new year, folks and I have some resolutions.  I won't bore you with the details of all of them,  but I will tell you that one of my biggest resolutions pertains to my crafting budget....specifically my scrapbooking budget.

I'm sure many of you share the same addiction to the purchasing of scrapbooky goodness that I do.  I love, love, love me some pretty paper and embellishments and stamps and so on...but I realized as I was working on my 2014 December Daily project (it's still not finished), that I really don't need to buy any more Christmas products for next year's album...and maybe not for 2016...or 2017 either!

With that thought, came this thought...I am almost drowning in supplies.  I spend probably $1,000 or more annually on scrapbooking products, many of which I never get around to using.  I'm currently working on becoming as close to debt-free as I can be and will be moving into (and furnishing) a new apartment in the next few months.  Additionally, I'm on the precipice of deciding whether or not I want to be a mom before it's too late.  So, I've learned the art form of "budgeting".  With that, I've decided I'm going to have a scrapbooking purchase free year.*

*with a few exceptions.

I belonged to two kit clubs.  I have canceled those memberships.  Mostly the kits, as beautiful as they are, have been sitting undisturbed in their little plastic bags for 3...4....6 months or more.  I've spent today going through the vast majority of my crafting supplies and my patterned paper alone (the vast majority of which is from 2012 or later) - if i were to stack it, I'd say there would be EASILY 4 feet of 12 x 12 PATTERNED paper.  That doesn't include the other 6 inch stack of 6x6 and 8x8 paper I own, nor does that include solid cardstock.

I have so many embellishments it has become overwhelming trying to decide what to use on which layout.  I didn't even know what all I had!  It, too, has been sorted and I now have a better idea of what I have.

My Thickers take up an entire shelf on my Raskog cart, as do my washi tapes.  I have Project Life kits and embellishments that do nothing but collect dust, because...let's be honest...PL has not been touched by me since January of last year.

And I haven't even mentioned my growing stash of yarn that I use to support my recent knitting and crocheting habits....though other than the 10 uncompleted projects I have already started, all those other balls and skeins are just resting and waiting for the chance at the needles or hook.

I have so much STUFF.  What I have may not seem like a lot to many other scrappers and crafters, but it does not really mesh well with my tiny living space.  And when I move, while I fully intend to create a full-on craft room, I still don't want to be overrun by crafting supplies.  Additionally, having SO much to choose from, SO many options sometimes makes starting a new project or layout rather intimidating.

So, I've regrouped my paper.  I'm using the same system I've been using for sometime - I organize alphabetically by manufacturer and then by line.  My patterned paper collection has spilled over into a third basket, however.

My embellishments are now grouped by the following categories:  3D flowers, flair & wood veneer, stickers (large sheets in one basket, smaller sheets in another), chunky embellishments, tags & labels, envelopes & pockets, bling, brads & buttons, ribbons & twine, frames & overlays.

I also reorganized my yarn and grew that stash into a bigger basket (not counting the three smaller bins that already housed said collection).  My four year old niece is staying with me during our winter break from school, so needless to say, she's been a tremendous asset in all of this! scrapbooking (crafting) spending freeze has the following rules...meaning, these are the ONLY things I can purchase until 2016....and yes, I did just get a little nauseated from panic as I typed that.  Just in case anyone is concerned.

1.  Adhesive - ATG refills, glue dots, pop dots, glue, doublesided tape
2.  Solid cardstock - white, vanilla, kraft, and black only
3.  Albums and album refills, on an as needed basis only.  No albums just for fun or because "it's so cute!"
4.  Journaling pens.  Though I don't really see this being a need this year, I've put it here in case of emergencies!  lol  Again, on an as needed basis only.
5.  Photo processing - whether it be refills for the Selphy or sending my photos in to be printed.  Next year, I might challenge myself to finish scrapbooking all my printed photos BEFORE printing more, but that's a little more than I can chew this year.
6.  Other crafting supplies for specific purposes (non-scrapbooking related) - ie...yarn for a specific knitting or crocheting project that is to be started within the three days following purchase, though, again, I don't really see this being a need for a good few months, if at all.

Though I do get a tad nervous thinking about not buying any fun scrapbooking supplies this next year, I think this will really help whittle down my stash AND help me to have some cash for moving purchases (and did I mention the Disney Cruise to Alaska this summer?)

So, your turn....what are some craft-related resolutions you've made for this new year?

Thanks for reading!  Until we meet again, my friends!

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