Saturday, July 25, 2015

Disney Cruise and Western U.S. Trip Report - Day 2

Day Two – June 26, 2015

I got to sleep in a smidge while Parrish was off acquiring a new tire (and some oft unavailable to us Texans, Dunkin’ Doughnuts).  We still hit the road by about 8 AM and knew that it would be a rougher day, as it would mostly be smaller highways, as opposed to the much easier-to-travel interstates.  We passed Shiprock on our way to Colorado, and after a couple of hours this other former homestate of ours, including much time stuck in road work traffic, we were in Utah. 

I had been through and to Utah several times over my lifetime, but had never been through Salt Lake City.  Little sidenote here - I converted, briefly, to LDS (Mormon) in high school and so was curious to see the temple in SLC.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to see it as we passed by on the interstate and there just wasn’t time to stop.  We continued on to Ogden and decided to get some dinner at Denny’s. 

Parrish, Ellie, and I headed in to make use of the facilities and to get a table.  More than five minutes had passed and Mom and Dad still hadn’t come in.  We peeked out and saw them fooling with  something in the car and shortly after they came through the door, looking less than thrilled.  As it turned out, someone had accidentally left their brand new camera (they bought it for the trip) on top of the open cooler lid and it had fallen into the melted ice at some point.  Needless to say, it was probably ruined and would have to be replaced.  We were all worn out.  We had intended to get well into Idaho, maybe even to Boise, for the night, but instead called and looked around and after some searching found a less than desirable hotel and stayed in Ogden.  Parrish took Ellie swimming and that was pretty much that!

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