Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm actually back. Two days in a row. I'm feeling a little frustrated this evening, because while I have figured out how to scan and stitch my 12x12 layouts so I can post them on here, the quality is always pretty crummy. The layouts look about 20 billion times better in person than in scanned form. If anyone happens to be reading this and has some insight as to how I can better scan my images, please let me know!

Meanwhile, two quick pages for your viewing pleasure. The first featuring the ever famous, Ellie, my gorgeous little niece. Everything I used, with the exception of the felt flowers (which are Jillibean Soup, btw...) is the Sidewalks line from October Afternoon (have I mentioned how obsessed I am with October Afternoon??? The paper quality, the vintagey feel...oh, tis heaven!)

This second one is another one from my WDW trip 3 years ago with my parents and sister. Everything here is from the Happy Days line by Echo Park. I find I'm sticking the line with itself for the most part lately, which is a relatively new thing for me.

Meanwhile, I'm alternating working on Ellie pictures, this 2008 WDW trip, and pictures from my last visit to my darling girlfriend in Ireland this summer. I doubt I'll be able to post again until the weekend, so until then...hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Can you change the settings of you scanner babe? Some of them let you do varying quality scans or have different settings for pictures and word documents and the likes. I'll have a look at it for you if you like. I love you.

  2. Thanks, Lee Lee! I am completely clueless about most anything computer related, save for the most basic stuff. I'll let you look at it when you're here. :) I love you too.